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Graduation 2011

Class Speaker Deacon Mike Lee

Despite all forecasts and worries about rain, the weather provided a perfect sunny background for the festivities of the day.  Bishop Peter Rusnak, Eparch of Bratislava celebrated Divine Liturgy, the Byzantine Rite Mass, to begin the day.  Christoph Cardinal Schönborn presented the Masters, Licentiate and Doctoral degrees to the thirteen happy graduates.  Fr. Juraj Terek was presented with a special honor as well – the Golden Priest’s Cross – for his wonderful selfless service in his demanding job at the ITI.  The festivities continued at a nearby heuriger with food and wine.  Then entertainment and desserts followed in the newly restored Festsaal and the graduates could finally relax after a long, hard week of exams.

Graduates, Professors and Bishops

Russian Kino

With a little elbow grease and lots of man-hours, a section of the schloss at the ITI has been transformed in a little over six weeks.  It used to be a grainery, then when the Russians inhabited the schloss, they transformed the room into a cinema.  Then it was left deserted and when the ITI moved here, this is what we found.


 We all saw the room had good bones, but during the move it became a dry place to store furniture.

Grainery to Cinema to Storage Room

Then students, faculty, staff and friends started working on the place.

And it was transformed into this!


Thesis Defenses

Deacon Mike Lee Makes a Point

This week was the intense and exciting week of thesis defenses.  The Lectio Corams begin next week.  Now, we all knew the Licentiate students SAID they were writing…but this week showed us all WHAT they had been writing, and how well they knew their stuff. 

Pater Rupert Mayer makes a point

Each student gave a short summary of their thesis …and then the three Professor readers had a chance to tear the thesis to shreds (at least, I am sure that is what it felt like).  But the students held their own and did a great job and we curious onlookers learned a little bit more.  Deacon Mike Lee wrote on “The Ecclesial

Another Way of Describing a Thesis Defense

Hermeneutic: Implications for Biblical Interpretation and for Understanding the Liturgy ”   and Scott Hefelfinger wrote on, “The Conception of Theology in Ratzinger and Aquinas”.