Man and Woman in Marriage: Foundations of Society

There is nothing that can replace the bond of marriage between a man and a woman. In every faith and culture of the world, the complementarity of the two sexes united in a relationship of fidelity and fruitfulness (whether physical or spiritual) is the foundational building stone of society.

The West, with its materialistic and relativistic approach to human life is the first culture in the history of mankind that deliberately and aggressively tries to deconstruct this natural reality of creation, in which we see this complementarity of two “opposites” fruitfully at work in every possible realm. Not only with human beings, but also in the animal world, we see that life is created and developed through the necessary difference yet at the same time compatibility of male and female. The world of physical laws is guided by the same principle, for example the need for electrical currents to have a positive and negative pole.

If Western societies want to survive the current crises that threaten to destroy or at least gravely weaken them, modern Man has to return to the healthy practice of accepting the reality of the natural created order, in which God created Man in His image as man and woman in order that the two can become one flesh and be fruitful. In God’s plan for humanity, so well described in the first two chapters of the Book of Genesis, we see the description of the creation of man and woman in God’s image and the institution of marriage as the groundwork of creation. Genesis speaks about the need for Man to be fruitful and multiply and inhabit the earth. We do not find calls for contraception and abortion, neither for population control.

If Jews and Christians of all stripes would accept these clear teachings of the Bible unequivocally and live them joyfully and responsibly, our world would soon see peace and prosperity flourish. It is really as simple as that.