Way of the Cross

Dr. Gotia and the Restored Crucifix

There are lots of little Wayside Shrines dotting the Autrian landscape.  They are a lovely reminder to stop and pray.  Dr. Andrei Gotia would pass one such shrine in Trumau regularly on the way to the parish Mass.  He noticed that the crucifix was looking a little shabby after who knows how many years of weathering every storm.

Restoring the Crucifix in its Original Position

Dr. Gotia does a little wood-working in addition to his Latin and Greek professorship at the ITI and so he decided to do his part to help the town of Trumau and clean the crucifix.  He got the necessary permissions, took the crucifix down and began the loving process of making it new again.

The crucifix is now back in its original position, newly cleaned and stained to withstand hundreds more years of wind and weather.  Dr. Gotia also made a new “INRI”  sign to replace the one which had gotten lost over the years.

The Wayside Shrine with the Restored Crucifix

Little things mean a lot.  Now those who pass by can greet Our Lord anew.