Disabled woman who narrowly avoided forced abortion to get forced contraception

October 15th, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

The Royal Courts of Justice, London. Credit: Willy Barton / Shutterstock. London, England, Oct 10, 2019 / 06:01 pm (CNA).- A judge in England has decided that a disabled woman who is pregnant will be fitted with a contraceptive device immediately following her Caesarean section, Premier Christianity has reported. The woman was originally ordered to undergo a forced abortion by another judge, until that ruling was overturned on appeal. Justice MacDonald heard arguments in the …Read More

Die Wiener Pro-Life-Revolution geht weiter

October 14th, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

Zum zweiten Marsch für das Leben kamen 4.000 Lebensschützer – Ein Bischof sprach Klartext, eine Frau im Rollstuhl, die mit Britney Spears auf Tour war, machte Mut und ein Sänger aus Kroatien präsentierte einen Pro-Life-Song – Von Roland Noé Wien (kath.net/rn) „Was gefordert ist, ist Solidarität. Wir müssen uns zu einer Kultur der Solidarität hinwenden. Deshalb finde ich diesen Slogan so wunderbar – Liebe sie beide, das Kind und seine Mutter.“ Mit einer Hl. Messe …Read More

Parents’ anger over Scottish sex education lessons

October 11th, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

Parents in Scotland have challenged Education Secretary John Swinney over materials which ‘promote pornography’ in the school curriculum. John Swinney defended the materials, which one parent said were ‘corrupting children’. The exchange took place at a public meeting in Perth organised by the National Parent Forum of Scotland. Normalisation Mr Swinney, who is also Scotland’s Deputy First Minister, was questioned over a new relationships, sexual health and parenthood curriculum. One parent said schools risked “normalising …Read More

Syria’s Christians are suffering in silence

October 11th, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

The Assyrians hang in limbo Marlo Safi Smoke rises from the Syrian town of Tal Abyad, in a picture taken from the Turkish side of the border The White House’s decision to move aside and allow a Turkish assault in northeast Syria highlighted the morass that is the US’s foreign policy in the Middle East. Criticism of the decision, rebuked as ham-fisted and reckless, was bipartisan. This is the kiss of death for the Kurds …Read More

Abortion rights activists try to burn Mexico City cathedral

October 7th, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

David Ramos/CNA 29 September, 2019 Firefighters acted quickly to prevent the fire from spreading Amid a demonstration Saturday urging the legalisation of abortion, activists tried to set fire to the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral. In response to the Sept. 28 arson attempt, Catholics gathered before the front doors of the cathedral. Mauricio Alfonso Guitar, deputy head of the Cristera National Guard in Mexico City, told CNA’s Spanish language sister agency ACI Prensa that “thanks to the …Read More

“Right to a Child for All Women”: The ECHR’s Slippery Slope

September 26th, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

On an unprecedented scale, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has decided to judge a series of patch-up reproduction cases. At issue: the complete separation between sex, procreation and parenthood; and the erasure of the biological family as a reference of social norms. These cases show how the desire to have a child can lead to madness; and how that madness can become reality thanks to technic. Now a reality, it is now attacking …Read More

Long read: The forgotten faces and hidden history of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

September 25th, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

No case highlights the fervour and frustration associated with blasphemy more than that of Asia Noreen (better known as Asia Bibi), the Pakistani Christian woman who was falsely accused of blasphemy and sentenced to death in 2010. Throughout Bibi’s protracted legal case, the worst instincts of certain sections of Pakistani society were brought to the fore and played out in national and international media as Islamist groups staged violent demonstrations calling for her execution on …Read More

34-Week-Old Aborted Baby Cries and “Comes Back to Life” as Stunned Parents Were Saying Goodbye

September 25th, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

The parents of a baby girl who survived an abortion sued a Beijing, China hospital recently because their baby did not die. The baby, who was a full 34-weeks gestation during the abortion, reportedly “came back to life” and began crying after she was removed from her mother’s womb, according to the Daily Star. Now, her mother, identified only as Hu from Beijing, China, wants the hospital to pay for its mistake. Abortions are legal …Read More

Ruling in Marriage and Filmmaking Case a Victory for Religious Freedom

September 9th, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

SEPTEMBER 4, 2019  |  Joe Carter The Story: A recent federal appeals court ruling is a significant victory for free speech and religious freedom. The Background: Carl and Angel Larsen are professional storytellers who use film and their artistic abilities to help their clients tell their own stories. The Larsens wanted to bring their talents to the wedding industry and use their gifts to promote their religious beliefs about marriage—but Minnesota’s government refused to let …Read More

Christians most persecuted religious group in the world

July 24th, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

SUMMARY Bishop of Truro’s Independent Review for Foreign Secretary reveals intensity of global Christian persecution Calls for more commitment from Foreign Office in protecting persecuted religious minorities LONDON (15 July 2019) – Today, the “Bishop of Truro’s Independent Review for the Foreign Secretary of FCO Support for Persecuted Christians” was presented. It included an extensive review of the extent of persecution of Christians all over the world along with recommendations to the UK Foreign Office …Read More