China’s religion chiefs to double down on bringing doctrine in line with socialist dogma

December 2nd, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

Reinterpretation of texts the latest effort in four-year old push to establish ‘theology with Chinese characteristics’ Nectar Gan Published: 10:30pm, 27 Nov, 2019 China is seeking to develop “theology with Chinese characteristics” and make religion more compatible with socialism. Photo: Reuters China’s religious leaders met in Beijing on Tuesday to work on ways to reinterpret religious doctrine to bring it in line with socialism, as the ruling Communist Party presses on with its campaign to …Read More

Pastor stabbed to death in Diyarbakir

December 2nd, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

26 Nov 2019 A church leader from South Korea was stabbed to death on Friday 22 November 2019 in Southeast Turkey. Pastor Jinwook Kim had been living in Turkey for the last 5 years, and moved to Diyarbakir city last year, where he led a small congregation. A 16-year-old male has been arrested in connection with Pastor Kim’s murder. The motive for the killing is thought to have been robbery, as the pastor’s telephone was …Read More

Activists Attack Key Religious Freedom Precedent To Control What Parents Teach Kids

December 2nd, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

Overturning Wisconsin v. Yoder would have ramifications far beyond Amish schoolhouses, opening the door to increased regulation and government oversight of homeschooling and religious schools’ curricula. By Jeff Ditzler NOVEMBER 26, 2019 The Amish might be the most quiescent religious group in America. They don’t proselytize, they don’t lobby or run for office, and most don’t even vote. Yet a little-known, almost 50-year-old Supreme Court decision involving them could be the next front in the …Read More

‘It’s a game’: the travesty of the Daleiden case

December 2nd, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

‘This is a dangerous precedent for citizen journalism and First Amendment civil rights across the country’ Mairead McArdle David Daleiden in 2016 Amid the twists and turns of the plethora of lawsuits against David Daleiden, the pro-life advocate who went undercover to record abortion industry executives talking about procuring fetal body parts, a one-liner sticks out. ‘So you know, it’s a game.’ The off-the-cuff remark was made by Ruth Arick, a former abortion clinic administrator …Read More

Chilean churches looted during protests

November 18th, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

A protester carries a statue of Christ from La Asuncion church to be added to a barricade in Santiago, Chile, Nov 8, 2019. Credit: Esteban Felix/AP/Shutterstock. Not licensed for redistribution. Santiago, Chile, Nov 12, 2019 / 11:01 pm (CNA).- Several churches across Chile have been attacked and looted amid anti-government protests in the country. The demonstrations began in mid-October in Santiago over a now-suspended increase in subway fares. Other regions joined in the protests, expanding …Read More

Statement of 11 nations opposes ‘reproductive rights’ focus of Nairobi Summit

November 18th, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

Kenya’s pro family activists deliver over 68,000 signatures to the President of Kenya to remove support for the ICPD25 in Nairobi, Nov. 11, 2019. Credit: Simon Maina/AFP via Getty Images. Nairobi, Kenya, Nov 14, 2019 / 05:35 pm (CNA).- On the sidelines of the Nairobi Summit, the US and 10 other nations delivered a joint statement Thursday indicating their commitment to women’s health, and their concern over the summit’s process and content. The statement echoes …Read More

‘My Life Was a Miracle’: The Journey of an Abortion Survivor

November 18th, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

“I knew that I couldn’t stand for what abortion does. And so, I chose to take a stance and to speak out,” abortion survivor Claire Culwell says. (Photo: Getty Images) When she was 21 years old, Claire Culwell found out a huge secret about her past: her biological mom had tried to have an abortion when she was pregnant with Claire and her twin. While Claire’s twin didn’t survive, Claire did—and that revelation changed her …Read More

Countdown to death of Christianity in parts of Middle East ticking ever louder

October 24th, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

For immediate release 23 October 2019   The countdown to Christianity’s disappearance in parts of the Middle East is ticking ever louder – and can only be stopped if the international community acts now – according to a new report launched today (Wednesday, 23rd October) in London. The 2019 Persecuted and Forgotten? report, produced by Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), warns of Christianity vanishing from towns and cities in the region, as – …Read More

Disabled woman who narrowly avoided forced abortion to get forced contraception

October 15th, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

The Royal Courts of Justice, London. Credit: Willy Barton / Shutterstock. London, England, Oct 10, 2019 / 06:01 pm (CNA).- A judge in England has decided that a disabled woman who is pregnant will be fitted with a contraceptive device immediately following her Caesarean section, Premier Christianity has reported. The woman was originally ordered to undergo a forced abortion by another judge, until that ruling was overturned on appeal. Justice MacDonald heard arguments in the …Read More

Die Wiener Pro-Life-Revolution geht weiter

October 14th, 2019 by Vox Cervi 1

Zum zweiten Marsch für das Leben kamen 4.000 Lebensschützer – Ein Bischof sprach Klartext, eine Frau im Rollstuhl, die mit Britney Spears auf Tour war, machte Mut und ein Sänger aus Kroatien präsentierte einen Pro-Life-Song – Von Roland Noé Wien ( „Was gefordert ist, ist Solidarität. Wir müssen uns zu einer Kultur der Solidarität hinwenden. Deshalb finde ich diesen Slogan so wunderbar – Liebe sie beide, das Kind und seine Mutter.“ Mit einer Hl. Messe …Read More