Otto von Habsburg

Archduke Otto of Austria was laid to rest on Saturday, July 16, 2011.  It was amazing to be there for the funeral, and in the procession – to see a whole empire passing by.   Read Wikipedia for his history and a great description of the funeral ceremony.  Fr. Edmund also has a great description of the meaning of his life and events.  The entombment ceremony is amazing.  What are these titles?  Nothing before God. 

Hearing Otto von Habsburg speak, I realized, here was a man born and raised to rule.  He spoke clearly, with a great vision, and with concern and care for his people.  Sent into exile, he did not just hang his head, but worked from there for his people – always for the good of his people.  The funeral and memorial ceremonies were a wonderful indication of the far-reaching effect that his works had.  But amazingly too…it was not a political display.  It was faith-filled.  Requiescat in pace.